Happiness Is Relative

One lovely, sunny day in Colorado, a business man from New York was driving by a beautiful vineyard. He pulled his car over to have a closer look at what was not common scenery in the city. Seeing an old farmer standing looking worried, he went to strike up a conversation and said, "It is a nice sunny day, it must be good for the grapes."

"Yes," the farmer responded, "but it is bad for the carrots." The business man had nothing else to say.

The following day the business man went outside and saw that the day was overcast and dark clouds dominated the sky. Hoping to carry on a better conversation than previously, he walked over to the farmer and said, "It is a nice cool day, it must be good for the carrots."

"Yes," the farmer responded, "but it is bad for the grapes!"

You can have a good attitude and win in both climates or you can have a bad attitude and lose. It depends on you.

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