You Can Learn to be Happy

Everything we do is to fill up our measures of happiness: go to work, develop friendships, buy things, and reach for dreams. In fact, every thought and decision we make is ultimately for the outcome of personal happiness. When I consider our current society, I see people riding on one another's necks and pressing one another to death to get foremost in this race called life. Yet, people are not satisfied.

Observe and you will see this dissatisfaction all around. People who own Mercedes are no happier than owners of GMs. Those who live in bigger houses are no happier than those who live in small ones. Powerful and influential people are no more satisfied than average citizens. Cover girls are no happier than plain women; in fact, they may be less happy.

Kings and presidents lust for more power and cause wars. The wealthiest embezzle to get more. Even with all they have, they struggle to be happy. In our day some of the most influential people have died attempting to fill their void, but the wrong way.people like Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Heath Ledger. We have seen billionaires and even top leaders of nations taking their own lives.

If left untreated, the void of happiness can result not only in the death of oneself but of others as well. I will boldly state this, it is usually those who are hurting who hurt others. Truly happy people have no reason but to love.

People have different personalities and some are prone to be more optimistic and happier than others. However I would like to emphasize, happiness is primarily what we learn. It is a matter of discarding bad habits and replacing them with good and healthy ones. I am confident if you apply the principles shared in this book, you will be happier, more excited, and more successful than you have ever been before.

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